Safety tips for winter season

safety tips for winter season

Safety tips for winter season

Safety tips for winter season.As the winter has arrived fiercely this time and this could lead to many health related problems this season for many people. To counter these health related problems caused due to the bone shaking winter one should be aware of the following things regarding the proper diet during winters and how to remain isolated against the winter.

1. Intake of seasonal vegetables and fruits

As the winter comes with a lot of things which also includes seasonal fruits and vegetables which are a very good source of vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables like carrot, spinach, radish, enhances the level of vitamins and minerals in the body and makes our body immune against various diseases caused by the effect of winter like a cough and cold, viral fever, and many more.

seasonal fruits including apricot, guava, mandarins, oranges, bean sprouts, broccoli, grapefruit, are helpful as they keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the day and provide you with the essential vitamins and minerals to be cautious against the winter.

Safety tips for winter season

2.Remain hydrated throughout the day

In winters, as we all know we are prone to drink less water because we do not feel thirsty unlike summers we consume very less amount of water and get dehydrated which could be as severe as in case of summer dehydration, so to provide refreshment to the body and to be active throughout the day it is essential to drink sufficient amount of water.

Many find it difficult to drink water wholly at one time so its better to have small quantity of water at different intervals to refute exhaustion.

safety tips for winter season

3.Perform exercises once in a day

As in winters many become clumsy and lazy and does not take part in physical activities and lives an inactive life at the work and at home so exercise plays a very major role in remaining fit and healthy and to work actively and cheerfully throughout the day.

Exercises not only makes you fit but it also makes you give away the clumsy nature and you feel refreshed throughout the day. This refreshment also makes you more prolific and productive. Exercises also makes your body flexible in the bone shaking winters so that you can have free body movements and exercises also help you to eliminate the bad effects of excess carbs intake in the winters.

safety tips for winter season

4. Eat fibe rich diets.

In winters it is also important to have a fibre rich diet as it works against inflammation and also improves the immunity to the body. Various soluble fibre rich foods also help to lessen the fat content in the body and make you stronger. Fibre-rich food directly works against cholesterol and reduce the amount of cholesterol present in the body. Fibre-rich food helps you keep hydrated enough to be more energetic and productive.

safety tips for winter season

5. Consumption of less carbohydrates.

Most of the people in the winters consumes a lot of carbohydrates in the form of junk food which could result in obesity so to control the carbs content in the body , abstain yourself from fast food and eat more healthy and nutritious food like raw fruits and vegetables . Eat a lot of fiber foods and drink a lot of water to dissolve the excessive carbohydrates content in the body and convert it into energy .

safety tips for winter season

6. Intake of mushrooms

Mushrooms are very useful food in winters because of their medicinal properties. There are various species of mushrooms which provide health benefits and provide immunity against diseases like cold and cough, fever. Mushrooms act as antibiotics to our body.

This gives them medicinal properties, which helps us to fight off many types of illnesses. People who consume mushrooms in the winter are less prone to cold as it boosts the immune system and makes them stronger internally to fight against bacterias and viruses. Next time make sure to fill your empty baskets with mushrooms when you are at grocery stores.

safety tips for winter season

7. Consume vitamin A and Omega 3

As all the vitamins and proteins are essential for the body throughout the entire year but one should be very careful to have vitamin A and omega 3 rich diet in winters .

As vitamin A and omega 3 is good for healthy and glowing skin which is required in the winters because in the winters our skin becomes rough and losses hydration so it is required to have vitamin A and omega 3 for smooth and hydrated skin as well as vitamin A helps to keep our vision proper. Foods like Fish, Eggs, Dairy products are a rich source of vitamin A and omega 3.

safety tips for winter season

8. Avoid going out in the cold at regular intervals.

Plan your trips accordingly in the winter as in winter one should keep himself warm and should avoid going out in the excessive cold places very frequently. Wear proper clothes to keep yourself warm .

Sit near to a fire place with friends and family is the best kind of amusement in the winter. Avoid outdoors most often and instead arrange prom and gatherings inside the house and maintain a good balanced diet and do home-workouts and yoga regularly if possible.


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